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Weight Loss 101: A Practical Guide To Lose Weight And Keep It Off Forever by John Labedzki, MD

About Weight Loss 101: A Practical Guide To Lose Weight And Keep It Off Forever by John Labedzki, MD

Tired of trying multiple diets and having nothing work?

Tired of confusing and conflicting information?

Tired of self-loathing and frustration?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

What you won’t find here is another fad diet book. Instead, you’ll find a guide that will give you the exact tools and skill set necessary for successful, sustainable weight loss. This book doesn’t recommend any form of restriction whatsoever. It doesn’t recommend anything that isn’t sustainable over the long term. Rather, this book shows you how to effectively adopt healthy habits and a new style of eating that will give you ultimate satisfaction and joy.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

– The importance of identifying strong reasons to lose weight
– The myths and truths surrounding fat, protein, and carbohydrates
– 7 habits that promote a healthy weight
– How to prepare and plan your final weight loss journey for maximum success
– The amazing benefits of meal prepping, and how to do it effectively
– The most beneficial kinds of exercise for your body and mind
– Common weight loss obstacles and how to overcome them
– What to do when you reach your goal
– And much, much more!

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Author Bio:
Dr. John Labedzki is a man with a passion to help people lose weight. He’s had his own struggles over the years but has found a practical solution to sustained weight loss that is quite easy to implement and maintain. Being physically fit is a constant, natural, low-dose high, and Dr. Labedzki believes that everyone in the world deserves this feeling, 24/7.

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